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Australian ShareManager provides Stockmarket investors with the means to record their share purchases, sales, capital gains and dividends in an orderly way and generated reports for performance review or end-year tax purposes, all of which comply with Australian Taxation laws. 

ShareManager has received excellent acceptance in the market place. Users are delighted with the ease of use and its strong capabilities. The current version has been enhanced following user feedback making it a powerful working tool for both private investors and portfolio managers.

  • Easy and Fast to use 

  • Runs on Mac OS 10.8 - 11,   Windows 7 & 8 & 10

  • Keeps full records and reports 

  • Separate tables for company, investor and broker details 

  • Capital gains calculations 

  • Adjustment for part sale of stocks 

  • Simple, consistent interface 

  • Fast printing of all reports 

  • "What if?" Sales and Capital gains / loss liability projections 

  • ASX Market Prices can be imported from data sources 

  • Compliant with all Australian Tax Laws 

Key Features
  • Records purchases and sales of stock parcels.

  • Allows entries for a single investor or multiple investors and portfolios, with separate or combined reports. 

  • Facilitates entries for part-parcel and multi-parcel sales by selection. 

  • Where Bonus shares are issued they are automatically merged with existing share parcels. 

  • Tracks dividends as received allowing for entry of cash, tax credits, and dividends allocated as extra shares (DRP plans). The shares allocated are automatically entered as additional stock parcels. 

  • End-year Captial Gain Tax Reports 

  • A Trusts file allows entry of incomes for such investments including such items as foreign income, deferred tax, etc. with summary reports suitable for tax agent review. 

  • Companies sometimes enter into ‘buy-backs’ and ‘re-structures’ which usually require editing of transaction records. ShareManager provides a means of calculating the effects of such events to assist record editing. 

  • Market price inputs either manually or imported.

  • CPI Indexing for pre 1999 purchases

  • Ready access to on-line Company performance data. 

  • A comments provision is available for each Company and Share Parcel for reference and follow-up. 

  • A backup of all entries can be made with a single ‘button’ press. 

  • Comprehensive sorting of entries may be carried out in multiple ways including Date, ASX code, Investor, Company name, Share-Values, …

  • Password security.

Reports and reviews allow quick previews of the following:
  • Profit and loss positions at any time.

  • Current values shown (latest prices manually added or downloaded).

  • Easy overview of a Company shareholding including ‘currently held’ or ‘sold’ parcels, and dividends.

  • Reports cover unit-holdings by one investor or combined for all investors.

  • Currently held parcels listed with dollar values and profit/loss shown for each parcel.

  • ‘What-if’ review, allows selecting a company/Investor combination, inserting a projected sell price, and the resulting profit/loss and capital gains are shown.

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